About this Site

Brief Overview of this Website

This is your portal for scheduling and paying for a bowling clinic with JR Raymond. You can host the clinic yourself or have JR tag along with you; just enter the details in the form and from there, your request will be either approved or rejected, mostly based on the scheduling and location of the clinic. Don't fret if ends don't meet initially; you can always submit another request that meets requirements after discussing with JR. Also included is a comprehensive map of the locations of upcoming clinics, along with a calendar for the dates and times of such clinics. In addition to requesting clinics, you can sign up for any upcoming clinic that has been approved. Members will receive a 10% discount for in-person clinics. There are also virtual clinics, or bowling tutorial videos done over Zoom. Virtual clinics will be hosted by JR monthly, and site members can join them for free.

What is the purpose of the forum?

Use the site's forum to ask questions, give reviews, or just to exchange about the sport of bowling. You must have a membership in order to participate in the forum. From there, you can start a new topic (or "thread"), create an initial post to that topic, and then other forum members can reply to the topic with posts and comments of their own. You have the option to bookmark, like, or vote up on a thread or post if you admire the content. If you deem a thread, post, or comment inappropriate and in violation of forum guidelines, you can flag it or simply down-vote it. To be updated or notified of a topic's content, the Ten Pin Doctors forum allows the option to follow a thread. Lastly, a plethora of categories and tags exist to mark a thread on a certain bowling category: from bowling equipment, specifics, to form/technique, and more.

What other exclusive resources are offered?

In addition to the ability to schedule interactive lessons with JR and chat with other avid bowlers on the forum, our bowling education and collaboration doesn't stop there! We also offer virtual lessons, or classes to help improve your personal game specifically through analysis of an uploaded video of your bowling form via an online one-on-one chat. JR will view your mechanics in the video you upload and resolve any problems you may have through instant messaging! Next is the bowling store, where you can digitally order bowling merchandise - from balls to supporting accessories to apparel - and it will be shipped right to your door! Members will receive 10% discounts on all store equipment. A significant benefit also offered is JR's bowling tutorial videos to weaponize you with all the bowling knowledge needed to be a versatile bowler. The video library offers different categories of educational videos, all of which you can filter from to best improve your game. Members have unlimited access to bowling video categories, while users with free accounts can choose one group of bowling videos to watch.

A knowledge base is available for users to exchange useful bowling information and learn more about the sport. Reviews can be shared on bowling balls, oil patterns, and bowling centers. Many variables can be filtered and sorted through on the balls, patterns, and alleys. Variables tracked for bowling balls include the manufacturing company, core type, coverstock type, and RG. Oil patterns can be searched more narrowly by looking at pattern type (like whether PBA or Kegel), volume, length, and ratio. Members have access to watch videos for ball reviews and how to play certain oil patterns. In the KB, you can also get analytics on your bowling ball arsenal, take advantage of calculators for certain bowling specifications, as well as look up the meanings of certain bowling terms you may not know in the dictionary. Lastly, our centralized knowledge base has PDF documents and Excel spreadsheets relating to information on bowling, all in the document library. JR posts articles discussing trending news in the bowling industry in his blog "Inside JR's Head." Last but certainly not least, bowlers can interactively communicate in a live chat room, open to all accounts.